Kelowna Wedding Dress Shopping Cizzy Bridal

Cande Bridal Boutique is proud to feature the various, gorgeous wedding gown lines by Australian designer Cizzy Bridal. As one of the area’s most popular bridal stores, Cande has perused many lines and has chosen to feature Cizzy Bridal dresses for their gorgeous details, high-quality craftsmanship, and unique designs. The collection is quite varied, as well, so every bride is sure to find a gown that will truly reflect who she is inside, no matter her style, making wedding dress shopping a breeze.


Once you fall in love with that one dress that you were simply meant to wear, you will know it right away, so trust us at Cande Bridal Boutique to help you find it. After all, you deserve to look and feel your best on the most important day of your life.

That is why we love Cizzy bridal gowns. They run the full spectrum from long and dramatic, to princess-like, glamorous, and beautiful, to full of whimsical wonder. That means that you are sure to find a frock that caters especially to your tastes and needs. Here are a few of our favorite lines that fall under the Cizzy Bridal banner:


Cizzy Bridal Dresses

Cizzy has some of the best dresses in bridal stores and Cizzy Bridal is its flagship wedding-wear brand. The classic designs are what Cizzy was originally known for, and the familiar collections are for the bride that wants to be over-the-top beautiful on her special day, while still looking as traditional as possible.

Cizzy bridal gowns have collections that vary widely from the artistic to the funky, and each has its own individual charm. For example, the Tuscan Sun line not only emphasizes an Italian style, as suggested in its name, but it also has a bit of an antebellum American South feel. You can see this in photos with the pairing of a few select styles with oversized, wide-brimmed hats tied up with bows. Also, with the way these dresses have an off-the-shoulder bodice, a fitted waistline, and a full skirt, it’s not hard to see the late 19th century Louisianan influence on the line.

Tuscan Sun dresses are, of course, best for summer weddings. If you are planning on having the ceremony outside, these gowns will certainly help to set the scene. They just scream “warm weather,” and you can just picture the bride walking down a grassy walkway to meet her betrothed at the altar as the whole crowd stares in awe.

Another Cizzy Bridal collection that stands out is the Whisper White line. These gowns are overwhelmingly romantic, and when wearing one, you will feel like a princess that stepped straight out of the Renaissance period. Reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Juliet, the styles are simply flowing and have the most ornate sleeves.

A great way to showcase a Whisper White dress is at a beach wedding. Such ceremonies are so romantic and carefree, and the gowns naturally fit in so well with the lovely surroundings. Talk about a fairytale coming true!

Zavana Bridal

Zavana Bridal gowns have breathtaking details such as intricately woven lace and gorgeous beading. This Cizzy label contains many elegant, indulgent, and beautiful collections, such as Snowfall, Hours Illuminated, A Royal Affair, and Freemantle Story.

The line was primarily created by Cizzy to allow all women to acquire luxurious styles that are not always readily available. The spectacular craftsmanship of these designs is amazing. They give every women the chance to wear her dream gown on her wedding day, and she is sure to feel extraordinarily glamorous as she walks down the aisle.

Zavana gowns are best worn at evening weddings. This could mean a splashy affair at a grand restaurant or a five-star hotel, or something as simple and daring as eloping overnight in Las Vegas. The glittery, sequined dresses are meant to up the glamour quotient, and the night time is the right time to shine.


Zavana Couture

Zavana Couture is a higher-end line of wedding dresses that are a bit more expensive than those in the regular Zavana collections. These gowns are especially for the fashion plate divas that must have all eyes in the room on her. Many of the designs even incorporate European laces that are exquisite to the touch.

The collection features bridal gowns from the Elixir Edit line. These frocks have such delicate lace and intricate beading that is truly eye-catching. The other dress under this label, the Golden Age, is quite similar to the Elixir, except it has more netting, rather than lace, and sequins, rather than beads.

Wearing Zavana Couture means you want to be noticed, and what better way is there for a lady to get noticed than to throw a huge, splashy wedding? Bigger is better if you want to grab that spotlight in your gorgeous gown and sparkling shoes. You deserve the attention and you will grab it rocking Zavana Couture!

White April

White April has a plethora of unique, vintage-inspired dresses that still have a modern appeal. They are luxurious, but also laid back, and the soft silhouettes and embellishing lace only add to their boho feel. The collections, which include the Country Manor, Sweet Ceremony, Summer Love, White Rose, Outback Romance, Daydreaming, Enchanted Valley, and Wildflower lines, are stylish without being overdone. White April is also independent and refreshing and the perfect label for today’s confident women.

Arguably, the best thing about the White April collections are the delicate details. With accents of crystal, pearls, and exquisite lace, the streamlined frocks are absolutely lovely. These minor embellishments only add to the line’s contemporary, yet classic, interpretation of wedding fashion. These gowns are great for the romantic woman with the hippie soul.

While White April wedding gowns appeal to very different women, the one thing these ladies have in common is a need to express their true selves. A woman donning one of these gowns is likely to have her wedding ceremony conducted on her terms, and no one will stand in her way. That means whether she has a fancy church affair, an outdoor ceremony, or a rustic wedding, she will definitely look the part in a White April dress.

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