Candè Bridal Boutique Faq

Do I need an Appointment?
Yes, we want to make sure you are expected and want to be ready for your visit.

We are located on a second floor and need to give you access to the building

Is your booking fee refundable?
Your booking fee is non-refundable but it will go towards the purchase of your gown
What Should I Bring To My Appointment?
Definitely nude underwear, your favorite shoes, as high as you think you will wear on your special day
What Sizes Are Our Samples?
We have samples sized 6-18, but most of our samples are 10-12
Are you able to bring a Bridal Gown that is not part of your current collections?
We work extremely hard to offer a Loan Program with Hayley Paige, Lazaro, Chantel Lauren, Enzoani and more. If you have a particular gown you want to try on, simply send us a request to and we will confirm if your gown is available. All loans have a $200 deposit requirement, the entire fee would go towards your Wedding Gown purchase but it is not refundable.
Why do you charge $50 to make an Appointment?
We hate to brag, but the private experience we offer is in such great demand but we are only able to take one appointment at a time, we include a bottle of prosecco and the entire fee goes towards the purchase of your gown, it is super worth it, besides, we offer the best price guarantee and promise you wont regret booking with us.
What Is The Price Range Of Your Gowns?
Our gowns range from $1000-$4500 however, the majority of our gowns run from $1000-3000
How many guests can I Bring?
We wont leave anyone out but recommend a small group; 3-4 guests is our recommendation
Do you sell Gowns off-the-rack?
Heck yes, we keep great selection of gowns to accommodate our last minute love birds, they also come with a wicked deal.