Cande Bridal Boutique is now carrying the luxurious “Made with Love” label bridal gowns. The Australian brand is known for their sexy, yet still traditional, designs, and it has been personally picked by Cande because their gowns define what brides want in Kelowna Bridal Shops this coming decade.

We have many “Made with Love” wedding dresses available, including those from their new “In the Name of Love” collection. These frocks, in particular, are in high demand in the greater Kelowna area, and we have them ready and accessible.

Here is the “In the Name of Love” collection:


This beautiful dress looks like a white evening dress, and it is perfectly fitted to hug every curve. It has the sophistication that one would expect to see at an evening wedding.

The Andy has a boned bodice, made from sequined lace, with built-in cups. It can be worn with a detachable tulle skirt, or, since the bottom portion of the skirt flares slightly, it could be worn on its own. The Andy’s defining feature, however, has to be its squared neckline and its matching backside that plunges about two thirds down.

The gown is available in white and ivory.


The Flynn is as snug and sophisticated as the Andy, but it is much more romantic. It has a sweetheart neckline and plunging back that is accented by the silky, thin straps holding it up. The gorgeous lace that drapes the sheer, boned bodice, as well as the entire skirt, is simply breathtaking. Even the train is made from the delicate lace, making this dress perfect for a late spring or early summer ceremony.

This gown has built-in cups and a stretch crepe underlay. It is available in white, ivory, and pebble.


This gown is soft and feminine, while also a bit daring. It is made from the finest of Chantilly lace with edging made of eyelash lace, and it is all tied up with your choice of knotted detailing or a bow in the back that trails behind you. A princess could not have wished for a better dress! But, it also has a deeply-plunging, V-shaped neckline, and it is backless, so it has a little bit of a rebellious streak.

The bow sash overlaps the train, because the eye-catching feature is actually super-long for effect. It certainly works because the result is lovely, as are the delicate straps which hold it all together.

This gown contains a stretch crepe underlay and is available in white, ivory, or pebble.


The Jordann is beyond simplistic in its design, but that is why it is an enduring classic. It certainly clings to the body in such a way that your guests will be in awe when you walk down the aisle. The double-layer, stretch crepe fabric is the best in French luxury, and the jersey stretch underlay is quite comfortable.

What also makes the Jordann unique is the minute detailing. The shoestring straps and the crepe buttons right by the invisible zipper are exquisite. The train is also basically-beautiful. It is medium-sized and understated.


This dress is full of quintessential beauty! Like a character out of a fairy tale, wearing the Max with its robust, whimsical skirt and lacy, off-shoulder bodice can make you feel like your dreams are about to come true.

The tulle sleeves and boned bodice with built-in cups are made from Carla 3D lace that trickles down to the hands. Those sleeves are also completely detachable.

The Max has a small train and an invisible zipper. The dress is also available in ivory.

River and River Crepe

The River has a hand-beaded bodice with a V-shaped neckline that plunges all the way to the waist. It is also open down to the waist in back, so this dress is definitely wild and sexy. However, the River’s three-tier tulle skirt represents classic beauty, and it is light and carefree in its movements. The juxtaposition of the top and bottom of this gown is what we love about it. It certainly makes a contradictory, but powerful, statement.

The River Crepe is the same design as the River, except the skirt is made from French crepe rather than tulle.

Please note that these dresses do not have trains.


The Scottie is covered in three-dimensional lace that has a unique texture. From far away, it looks similar to pearls dotting the entire frock all the way down to the train. It has a plunging V-shaped back and a V-styled neckline in front that plunges just a bit, but there are options available that can place the neckline three centimeters lower if desired.

Both the bodice’s front and back are framed with reinforced lace trim. The zipper is invisible and there are ivory tulle buttons placed nearby that are not real, but give the impression of a button closure.

The Scottie has a stretch crepe underlay and is also available in ivory.


The Tommy can be a little sultry. It is a full lace gown, but the bodice has a dark-colored underlay to look like skin, while the skirt has a white stretch crepe underlay. It also has a tight silhouette, a plunging V-shaped back, and a matching neckline with cleavage that descends to the skirt.

The dress certainly is bold, but it can also be traditional. The Tommy’s sweet side is revealed when you see the extra-long train and the tiny spaghetti straps, which are all made from lace. However, the full-dress beading on the gown is completely optional.

Here are the other dresses made by “Made with Love” that are not a part of any collection:


This dress is sleek and sophisticated as well as simple. Just note, the double-lined French crepe of the Bella is still far from plain. The refined frock is held up by only one thick shoulder strap topped with a statement bow, all made from crepe.

The elegant dress is just perfect for nighttime nuptials, or even a seaside ceremony.

Georgie Crepe V2 and Georgie Lace V2

The crepe gown has a sophisticated and smooth silhouette without any sharp edges. It has a classy air about it, yet when you walk into the light, you are sure to dial the sex appeal up to 11! If you want to be seen and really make a splash on your big day, the Georgie Crepe V2 is for you. With its low-plunging neck and extraordinarily low-plunging behind, you are sure to have all eyes on you.

If you like the dress’s lines, but are a bit uncomfortable with the back, the Georgie’s backside can actually be made four centimeters higher.

The Georgie Lace V2 is exactly like the Georgie Crepe V2, except it is created from Italian-made lace rather than crepe. Its backside can also be adjusted by four centimeters.

Harlie with Tulle Skirt

The Harlie has a unique bodice made from soft and exotic Israeli lace. The old world sensibility of the top, however, melts flawlessly into the full, tulle skirt, with the long train, embracing the new world design of the new 20s.

The Harlie also has a modest V-shaped neckline and a fully-open back. Its beauty really echoes the covers of old romance novels.


The simple design of the Lucy is what makes it special. It is innocent and charming, and it looks great on anyone thanks to its body-shaping abilities. The low back and the optional high split are both sexy, yet classy, and the low-cut bodice looks like a dressier version of your favorite white tank top.

The long, soft, chiffon skirt, with its medium train, flows freely and effortlessly. Can’t you just picture the wind running through it at a backyard wedding celebration?

Riley Crepe and Riley with Tulle Skirt

The Riley is made from thick, indulgent crepe with a deeply-plunging neckline. The cleavage meets the waist of the dress, splitting the boned bodice. In a similar fashion, the dress also splits under each arm, while the back’s plunging V-shape meets the midline by the button-like detailing near the hidden zipper.

The Riley is tightly-fitted and hugs all curves snugly. The dress also features angel-like detachable wings made from tulle.

The Riley with Tulle Skirt is the same design on top as the Riley Crepe, yet the skirt is pure tulle. Also, the bodice is made from luxurious lace rather than crepe. It also has detachable tulle wings.

Sienna with Tulle Skirt

The Sienna with Tulle Skirt has a fancy bodice that is adorned with elegant hand-beaded lace and features a deeply-plunging V-shaped neckline. The thin straps that hold the beautiful top up are decorated with hand-stitched pearls which also frame the dress’s backside.

Perhaps the most beauteous detail of the Sienna is the double-layered skirt made from luxurious tulle. It is quite fluffy and so soft to the touch.


The Zylah is draped in elegant three-dimensional lace throughout. It is form-fitting and features a plunging V-shaped neckline and a nearly fully-open back, save for some elegant lace trim around the edges. The dress has a particular class about it, yet it has casual undertones. It could be worn just as easily to a beach wedding as it could to a country club ceremony.


The Carla is most notable for its hand-made lace featuring lovely floral designs. The whole gown is engulfed in this delicate lace and the effect certainly draws attention. With a plunging V-shaped neckline and V-styled back, the gown is simply gorgeous. The dress is form-fitting, yet elegant.

You can dress the Carla up with either the long or short Carla capes. Like the gown, both are made from exquisite floral lace.


The Sadie has thick shoulders that form attractive cap sleeves. These shoulders cascade all the way to the gown’s waistline, forming the deep, V-styled neckline and also the V-shaped, plunging back.

The French, doubled-lined crepe dress is form-fitting all the way down to approximately its lowest third where it starts to flare and a long train is formed. There is also a middle split in front that is completely optional.

And, if you prefer a higher neckline, the Sadie’s can be raised approximately nine centimeters.


The cool thing about the Carlie is that it is a hybrid between the Sadie and the Carla, as its name confirms. Its French crepe skirt and beautiful lace bodice win over many brides looking for the best of both worlds. This dress also looks fabulous with either the long or short Carla capes.


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