As per my previous post, we are engaged! After that day we discussed what to do next and to set a date. We have decided to take advantage of the micro weddings of covid and to pick a date in the fall. Upon looking at a calendar and realizing that it is less than four months away it’s safe to say that I am freaking out. 



I have preemptively picked up three wedding planners because you never know what you will need. They all have pros and cons, and right now I am looking for all the resources available to me! We have decided not to hire a wedding planner as planning my own wedding has always been a dream of mine. However, if that is not your dream I highly recommend hiring a wedding planner. Planning your own wedding is very stressful and a wedding planner will alleviate that entirely.



Literally the night of and the day after the proposal we started researching like crazy. We drove around to check out venues, looked into current covid guidelines, and researched anything important we could think of. Now, some time has passed since the proposal and I am still in the midst of wedding planning. However, that first week of planning was overwhelming to say the least! I now see why it is recommended to start planning a year prior to your date. The wedding planners I purchased were very helpful as well since they also informed me of things I wasn’t aware of like applying for a marriage license prior to the wedding date. 



Although overwhelmed, I am not worried about the whole process. Instead I am excited for the challenge ahead! From my understanding the most barebones and important parts of holding a wedding are to choose a date, pick a venue, hire a wedding commissioner or officiant and have two witnesses. As long as I have those things we will be good to get married no matter what! Rest assured that you will be updated during the entire process!



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